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On Love and Stuff

This is my daughter’s “princess fork” so named because the handle used to be decorated with four Disney princesses.  Now after so many bowls of macaroni and cheese and so many trips through the dishwasher, that image has worn off.  … Continue reading

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A Small Actor Who Can’t Park

I love my children’s school.  But as grateful as I am, I have not been motivated to “give back” or “get involved” by participating in the PTA.  (According to one of my more astute friends it is more properly referred … Continue reading

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House Hunting

Depending on the circumstances, 1300 square feet can seem like a lot of space.  If you are a mouse for example.  Or a cock roach.  But If you are one of my kids,  or if you are anyone who is in … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighborhood

The sun sets on Manhattan and on my neighborhood at the same time. Though my neighborhood is not a part of Manhattan, its “not being Manhattan” is a part of my neighborhood. So the two places are linked. Not quite … Continue reading

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Gather ye waffle pans while ye may

I just turned 40. So that sort of sucks.  But on the bright side, I am finally justified in having a midlife crisis.  Crisis really isn’t the right word, I guess, for this feeling I have about turning 40.  Crisis … Continue reading

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