The Holiday Update

Photo on 12-24-13 at 1.40 PM #22013 marks the year I spent a surprising amount of money on little, tiny rubber bands and a surprising amount of time with a crochet hook in hand and wondering why I thought each of my children who still need help putting on their socks would be occupied blissfully for hours by this plastic “loom.”

Nevertheless, as I hear them negotiate with each other (occasionally without yelling or physical violence) to decide which episode of Doc McStuffins they will be watching next,   I can’t deny that Matthew and Sabrina are growing up.

Still, I note, that neither one has lost a baby tooth.

This despite Matthew having recently turned 7 and despite Sabrina’s efforts, at 5 1/2, to reach this milestone ahead of her brother by walking about and tugging a string looped around her lower left incisor.

I am happy to report that things at their school are going well, and not just because Matthew’s teacher has a pet iguana and not just because Sabrina and her teacher occasionally report to school wearing the same nail color.

Much to my surprise and delight, both children seem to be learning how to read and write and a bit about being helpful.  For example, when Sabrina spilled a bottle of seltzer on the floor recently, without my having to ask even once, Matthew immediately offered to make a “Wet Floor” sign.  And just last night, Sabrina presented me with a portrait of myself, under the thought bubble, “Oh fart.”

Yes, we are fully in New Jersey now.  We all have adjusted: Ivan mentioned last week how he “kind of like[s] living near the Lukoil station,” Matthew, as of September, has stopped asking when we are moving back to Manhattan, and Sabrina has professed a desire to open her own beauty shop someday.  As for me, I have managed to parallel park on several occasions and now feel comfortable driving from one part of a parking lot to another part of the same parking lot so as to avoid actual walking.

But, as I sit here now almost 41 years old, on our annual holiday trip to Colorado, I note the endurance of certain traditions.  As usual, I am scrambling to finish this letter in a timely manner.  This year I am in a particular rush as I have left my computer’s power cord at home and my battery is about to die.

Accordingly,  I wish you all a Happy Holiday Season with this letter that may not have been as well edited as it could have been along with my sincerest hope that we can all recharge in the New Year.

Much love,


About MotherJam

Trying to be insightful. But mostly just avoiding housework and ignoring my children.
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2 Responses to The Holiday Update

  1. Owahns says:

    Merry Christmas, my dear friend!!

  2. 威廉 says:

    A belated wish via a website of merryXmas . Or as we would say here something something 快樂。

    Glad to here there is iguana in Matthews life . I hope at the end of the year he can take it home.

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