Faring Well With Summer

IMG_2948My mom tells me that my blog posts are too long.

She is right.

With my opening post of the school year I’ll be brief.

The summer is over. I did not manage, as I had hoped, to encourage my children to read, to cultivate better manners, to improve on their math skills, expose them to music.  My plans were left by the wayside along with a stack of Kumon workbooks “accidentally” misplaced about 3 hours after their purchase.

This is what we did do:  We visited a lot of family relatives. We went to a lot of amusement parks. We consumed a lot of artificial food additives. We watched a lot of T.V.  We had a lot of fun.

This approach, though like totally un-academic, was not without its lessons. For example, one night I tried to tell my son it was too late to watch another SpongeBob show before bed and he quickly retorted “No, It’s only 7:02. We’ll be done by 7:24. Episodes are 22 minutes.” Another time my daughter, while drinking a Snapple, announced, “This is made with the best stuff on earth! You know what that is? Sugar!”

For my part, I learned to appreciate the moment.  Even when some of the moments, like every moment involved in getting my kids into and out of the car,  seemed to take forever.

And it’s over.  Summer washed over us like a big, drenching wave and has now retreated back to the ocean.   I know I am supposed to get back to thinking about the future, about what comes next, and about how I am going to survive homework season.

But it’s difficult.  My laundry still smells like sunscreen.

About MotherJam

Trying to be insightful. But mostly just avoiding housework and ignoring my children.
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