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Elsa’s Chilly Reception

It’s Halloween in 2014.  For girls in my neighborhood this is known as “Dress up like Elsa Day.” According to this report published on, “Frozen” Halloween costumes were the “hottest” this year.  According to this info pic published on … Continue reading

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When It Pays To Be Damaged

A few months ago someone crashed into the front bumper of my parked car.  My car was situated perfectly between the lines of the parking space.  (In other words, I was not culpable and I was not “asking for it.”) … Continue reading

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Ukuleles Beware!

Once when I was ten years old or so, my mom tried to teach me how to play the ukulele.  She had trouble getting the ukelele to play in tune.  So she smashed it to the ground. * * * … Continue reading

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