2014 Family Update

IMG_4434Happy New Year!

2014 marked an unprecedented time when Matthew (now 8) and Sabrina, (now 6), and I (now 41), were all on the same page: Each of the three of us lost teeth. Not to complain, but the tooth fairy played favorites, reimbursing the kids up to 5 dollars per tooth and leaving me with only a fair amount of pain and a renewed enthusiasm for flossing.

For his part, Ivan held on to all of his teeth. Also, he continued to work full time as a corporate lawyer while maintaining his part-time gig as a personal shopper for himself. This year’s acquisitions were very fedora focused but he assures me that his collection of 25 or so (completely different!) fur felt fedoras is now complete. In 2015, from the look of our most recent Amex bill, I anticipate a trend toward cow hide.

Sabrina, without even one fedora, has pretty much everything.  She has her own room. She has long hair.  She has one grandmother who buys her endless quantities of make up, jewelry, and all things Frozen, and another grandmother who supplies her with countless “Chapter Books” which she reads with a fair amount of genuine enthusiasm tinged with just a touch of “Did you know I can read chapter books?” attitude.

Despite the extensive spoiling she has suffered at the hands of her parents and grandparents Sabrina has still managed to develop a keen appreciation for the value of money as illustrated by the very first use of her allowance when she paid her brother to stop annoying her.

Life is good for 8 year old Matthew, too. He’s doing well in school. His best friend lives in our building. He scored a couple goals in soccer this season and he has become a fearless and accomplished skier. Getting Matthew to acknowledge any of this is a little tricky, however, because he thinks I lost his pencil sharpener and I won’t let him get a turtle.

Matthew still plans to become a construction worker when he grows up but has recently expressed an interest in becoming President of the United States so that he never has to wait in traffic.

I had a good year, too. When I wasn’t visiting the dentist, I was doing other things like going to French class and trying to increase my blog following to over 10 people. In October, I briefly shook hands with Brad Pitt at the movie premiere of Fury. I enjoyed the night, as did Ivan. Perhaps the only disappointment of the evening involved our brief encounter with one of the movie’s producers, who was wearing a fedora. No matter that he was particularly unfriendly, like he didn’t really want to be chatting with some randoms from New Jersey, but his fedora was fashioned from wool felt. In case you didn’t know, wool is a step below rabbit which is a step below nutria. That hat had no business being on the red carpet.

In short, we have left 2014 alive, well, and with our unfounded sense of superiority/inferiority intact.

Wishing you all the best!

Much love,
Molly 🙂

About MotherJam

Trying to be insightful. But mostly just avoiding housework and ignoring my children.
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One Response to 2014 Family Update

  1. will riggs says:

    Very funny, Molly. I am quite pleased to hear that all your superiority and inferiority remain intact along with almost all your teeth. With all partially broken teeth we now probably have the same number based on some system of average teeth units.

    The few pictures I seen of Breckenridge makes me think I am missing something so when are we all vacationing together again?

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