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Balls Out, Man!

For Christmas this year, I bought my son a Newton’s Cradle, or as he described it, “that metal ball thing that goes back and forth.”  Also described as “Executive Balls Desk Toy,” this gadget wasn’t the first thing I would have … Continue reading

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Missing a Match

My neglect of this blog for the past year has led to it’s automatic renewal.  So I am back for another year.  I resolve to write more frequently and more briefly with the hope that some of my old followers … Continue reading

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Poem for my son’s ninth

You are nine.
I am trying.
To squeeze an extra syllable in. Continue reading

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Bees and Bumblers

It is a little self absorbed (even by blogger standards) to think that anyone other than me would be interested in what I wrote 20 years ago in a spiral notebook.  But, hey, it’s Throwback Thursday, I have a 20th reunion coming … Continue reading

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Presents from the Past

My 20th college reunion is right around the corner.  Therefore it’s fitting that I stumbled upon an old spiral notebook that contained a draft of a letter (or you might call it an overwrought meditation) to my boyfriend at the … Continue reading

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Addendum to “What does she do all day?”

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Some Problems are Hard to Solve

I am a math person.   I am not sure how many actual mathematicians would identify me as math person because my “expertise” in math does not extend much beyond basic algebra.  Plus, my 25 year old “A” in Calculus doesn’t … Continue reading

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