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Addendum to “What does she do all day?”

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Some Problems are Hard to Solve

I am a math person.   I am not sure how many actual mathematicians would identify me as math person because my “expertise” in math does not extend much beyond basic algebra.  Plus, my 25 year old “A” in Calculus doesn’t … Continue reading

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Elsa’s Chilly Reception

It’s Halloween in 2014.  For girls in my neighborhood this is known as “Dress up like Elsa Day.” According to this report published on CBS8.com, “Frozen” Halloween costumes were the “hottest” this year.  According to this info pic published on … Continue reading

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Ukuleles Beware!

Once when I was ten years old or so, my mom tried to teach me how to play the ukulele.  She had trouble getting the ukelele to play in tune.  So she smashed it to the ground. * * * … Continue reading

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You Get What You Get

Twelve weeks ago I sent in a coupon to get an ice cream making attachment for my Kitchen Aid professional stand alone mixer.   I sent in for the ice cream making attachment because even though for the last 4 months … Continue reading

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Faring Well With Summer

My mom tells me that my blog posts are too long. She is right. With my opening post of the school year I’ll be brief. The summer is over. I did not manage, as I had hoped, to encourage my … Continue reading

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Toughness in the Ring

The other day I noticed my engagement ring was broken. There was a crack in the band where it must have been soldered together. Until this split, I hadn’t noticed the seam.  I hadn’t known there was a weak point, … Continue reading

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